Avengers by Jonathan Hickman: The Complete Collection

Marvel Comics

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Jonathan Hickman’s epic saga begins here! Earth’s Mightiest Heroes expand their sphere of influence to a global — even interplanetary — level, but who will answer Captain America’s call? When Earth is attacked, the new team’s first mission takes them to Mars — and sets them on a dangerous path filled with deadly, godlike enemies beyond anything they’ve faced before! Meanwhile, cascading multiversal incursions threaten all of reality — and only Tony Stark and his secretive Illuminati allies know it! Can Mister Fantastic, Black Panther, Black Bolt, Namor and Beast join Iron Man in saving the Multiverse — or is everything destined to die?


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Jonathan Hickman (Guión), Adam Kubert (Dibujo), Nick Pitarra (Dibujo), Steve Epting (Dibujo)

Otros autores

Richard Isanove (Color), Dean White (Color), Salvador Larroca (Dibujo), Rick Magyar (Tinta), Nathan Fairbairn (Color), Justin Ponsor (Color), Simone Bianchi (Dibujo), Jim Cheung (Dibujo), Frank Martin (Color), Morry Hollowell (Color)...


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