It's Dark in London - A Graphic Collection Of Short Stories

It's Dark in London - A Graphic Collection Of Short Stories

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It's Dark in London - A Graphic Collection Of Short Stories

Softcover 136 pp

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Dims (mm): 167 x 242 - Pub Country: United Kingdom


Here is a cityscape of looming towers, shadowy embankments and subterranean sleaze; of public bars and private vices; of huckster artists, femme fatales and capital crimes...

With strong language, and even stronger imagery, It's Dark in London is an uncompromisingly adult descent into the dark underground world of the capital. Featuring stories by creators including Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean, as well as London-based writers Iain Sinclair, Tony Grisoni and Stella Duffy, this collection of graphic tales captures London's gritty essence.

This fusion produces a portrait of London that captures the city'sfundamental essence as an exquisite mixture of lofty towersand gutter sleaze, of suburban gentility and urban depravity, ofprivate vices and public philanthropy.

Edited by graphic novelist Oscar Zarate.

Oscar Zarate is an award-winning graphic novelist. His books include collaborations with Alan Moore (A Small Killing) and Alexei Sayle (Geoffrey the Tube Train and the Fat Comedian). He was the editor of It's Dark in London, and he wrote and illustrated The Park. He collaborated with Richard Appignanesi on Dr Faustus, Hysteria, Introducing Freud and Introducing Existentialism. Born in Argentina, it was over 40 years ago that Oscar decided to visit London, where he has lived and worked ever since.


"The mix of illustrators is so good... The book succeeds in making the reader look at the city with fresh eyes."

— Time Out

"Grim, grimy and fixated by London's underbelly, this clever collection is an estate agent's nightmare and a psychogeographer's dream. An impressive list of writers and artists (Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Iain Sinclair) take turns to dig their way into the capital's corners, uncovering gangsters, musicians, prostitutes, flashers and more than a few corpses."

— The Guardian

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