Fantastic Four Vol. 6 (2018-...)

Marvel Comics

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The wait is over! The Thing, the Human Torch, the Invisible Woman and Mister Fantastic — the first four heroes of the Marvel Age of Comics — are about to be reunited! Experience the grand return of the greatest family in the Marvel Universe! As an event occurs that will radically alter the Fantastic Four, Reed and Sue Richards return home with their children. But things have changed! And while Alicia Masters and the Thing ponder a big change of their own, the next chapter begins in the life of Victor Von Doom! Plus: Who are the Marvel Universe's newest fabulous foursome — the Fantastix?! How did they come into possession of the Baxter Building? And what does that mean for the original FF? The World's Greatest Comic Magazine is back — and better than ever!


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Dan Slott (Guión), Paco Medina (Dibujo), Sean IzaakseGerry Duggan (Guión), Aaron Kuder (Dibujo), Luciano VecchioSkottie Young (Dibujo), Carlos MagnoStefano CaselliSteve Uy...



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