Marvel Secret Work Dell'Otto 1998-2016

Marvel Secret Work Dell'Otto 1998-2016

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Marvel Secret Work Dell'Otto 1998-2016

Hardcover with Slipcase 324 pp

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The definitive book for every Dell'Otto fan! This large-format 12 x 12 inch artbook showcases nearly every piece of Marvel art created by superstar painter Gabriele Dell'Otto from 1998-2016. Over 300 color pages and nearly 900 images reveal the secrets and memories of the almost twenty-year career of one of the most loved and respected illustrators of the House of Ideas. All the covers (including those made for the German, French and Italian markets) are collected in this book for the first time, accompanied by studies and preparatory sketches and comments by the artist (background stories for each painting to take you the behind-the-scenes of each work). Plus almost all of the promotional drawings and limited edition prints, and a large selection of unpublished material (preliminary projects, character studies, preparatory sketches, coloring) makes this publication a must for all lovers of the Italian artist.

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