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"The Parrot Strikes Back!", script and art by Carl Burgos; The Torch accompanies the Parrot on his prison train to California in order to help a chemist who wishes to examine an inactive volcano for sulfur deposits, which are used by the government to make gunpowder, which the U.S. is sorely lacking. Untitled The Vision story, script by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Joe Simon; The Vision embarks on the task of saving the lives of the crew of the U.S.S. Olympus which vanished in Antarctica. "The Case of the Vanishing Convicts," script and art by Bill Everett; Namor has to overcome a mad scientist who is trying to create a race of evil Sub-Mariners to war against America! "The Devil and the Green Plague," script by Joe Simon, art by Jack Kirby; Hurricane agrees to accompany the Holden expedition into the Matto Grasso, where they will join a Doctor Clay, who is battling a strange body wasting disease that is killing thousands there daily. "The Case of the Armless Tiger Man," script and art by Paul Gustavson; A former German worker, who had lost his arms in a machine in a factory he once worked at, is sent to America by the Nazis to destroy machines in America for the greater glory of the Reich. Untitled Silver Scorpion story, art by Harry Sahle. "The White Death," script by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, pencils by Jack Kirby; Cap and Bucky must tackle a white cloaked, hideous figure that stalks the halls of the mansion of the late Josiah Harrow...a figure that has chosen the duo as its next target for death

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