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Superman: American Alien


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"I'm not from Krypton. I'm from Kansas."


Screenwriter and Eisner Award nominee Max Landis (Chronicle, American Ultra, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN) presents the seven-issue miniseries that chronicles Clark Kent’s development into the archetypal hero he will eventually become. With the tone of each issue ranging from heartwarming and simple, to frighteningly gritty and violent, to sexy, sun-kissed and funny, SUPERMAN: AMERICAN ALIEN is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Superman: American Alien tells a version of the Man of Steel's upbringing. As a young Clark Kent discovers his powers, he begins to question his own identity, worrying about how he will never fit in. Eventually, he soon accepts his abnormality and embraces his powers, though continues to live among those much weaker than him much to the confusion of those who knows about his secret. Several horrific events and life-changing moments later, Clark slowly becomes The Hero that everyone will soon look up to for hope as well as the mild-mannered but competent journalist he disguises himself as.

Each issue takes place during a specific moment in Clark's life, i.e. the first issue is him as a young boy and the second him as a teenager. Of course, cameos and Mythology Gags are abound in this story.

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