Batman: Run, Riddler, Run

DC Comics

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Softcover 48 pp


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Batman confronts one of his deadliest foes in this miniseries. Or does he? Usually, when Batman encounters the Riddler's tricks, the answers are seldom easy. This latest encounter is no exception as Bruce Wayne becomes involved in an industrialist's plans for a new Gotham, one free from poverty, homelessness and crime. But without crime, why does this new urban utopia need a cyborg security force? Who is blowing up the squatters? How is the Riddler involved? Will Bruce Wayne's heart cloud the Batman's thinking? The Dark Knight Detective follows the Riddler's every clue and plays his hunches to solve this most intriguing case...laced with a most peculiar cast of characters. Script by Gerard Jones, with art, color and painted cover by Mark Badger


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Gerard JonesMark BadgerWillie Schubert


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