Batman Bloodstorm

Batman Bloodstorm

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Batman Bloodstorm

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The second part in the vampiric trilogy, this book begins where BATMAN: RED RAIN ended. Batman has destroyed Dracula but at the price of his own humanity. Now the famed protector of Gotham is a vampire himself and must battle his own bloodlust as he attempts to be the savior of the innocent. But as his isolation and affliction drive the Dark Knight to the brink of insanity, the Joker takes over the remnants of Dracula's undead legions and begins to ravage the city. Struggling with his newly acquired dark nature and desire to kill, Batman must choose between the preservation of his own soul and the survival of Gotham.

NOTE: see also Book 1: Batman and Dracula: Red Rain GN (1992) and Book 3: Batman: Crimson Mist GN (1999).

Book Store Edition - Book 2 in the Batman/Vampire Trilogy. Written by Doug Moench. Art by Kelley Jones, John Beatty, and Les Dorscheid (color). In this Elseworlds tale, the chilling sequel to Batman and Dracula: Red Rain GN (1992), the Dark Knight, in the aftermath of his battle with Dracula, must destroy the remnants of a vampire nest whose numbers seem to grow every night. And to make matters worse, the Joker wants to play too. Can Batman destroy the undead who plague Gotham before he himself succumbs to the bloodlust and loses his soul forever.

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