Sex and Horror

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A long overdue look at the famed "fumetti" work of Emanuele Taglietti, a legendary comic book cover artist known for his outrageous artwork In the course of his acclaimed career in the 1970s and 1980s, Emanuele Taglietti painted more than 500 covers for such books as "Zora the Vampire," "Sukia," "Mafia," and "44 Magnum." Taglietti was one of most outstanding artists of the golden age of Italian comics, and crime and horror were his specialties. His iconic work, overflowing with violence and eroticism, is unforgettable. This highly visual biography displays dozens of his amazing full-color paintings, explores his fascinating life and career, and takes a look behind the scenes at his exacting technique. A must-have for comic book fans, artists, and popular culture aficionados alike, the book features never-before-seen photos and art. A unique collection of retrospective of the work of one of the greats of the golden age of Italian comics, this book will appeal to pulp art, comic, and illustration fans."


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Emanuele Taglietti (Dibujo, Tinta, Color)

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Alessandro Biffignandi (Dibujo, Tinta, Color), VV.AA.Fernando Carcupino (Dibujo, Tinta)



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