Nathan Never

Sergio Bonelli Editore

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Nathan Never is the First Sci-Fi comic published by Sergio Bonelli Editore.

The series is set in the near future where pollution and over-exploitation of resources , caused by the uncontrolled technological advance has irrevocably changed the planet earth and its inhabitants. The comic tells the story of the ex-cop Nathan Never now a special agent of the Alpha Agency a private security company supported by the government.

Nathan is initially forced to work for the Alpha Agency as a result of his terrible past, but then he continue to work as an special agent of his own free will.

Several companions will follow Nathan in his missions but the most worthy of note will be: the deadly Legs Weaver a security specialist , the computer genius Sigmund Baginov , May Fray, the mutated ex-terrorist Branko.

The first issue was printed in 1991 entlited "Il numero Zero" , the comic series is currently published every month.


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