Starman (1996-2005) #1

Starman (1996-2005) #1

Sins of the father

Lo tengo

Starman (1996-2005)

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Since the 1940s, the people of Opal City have always been protected by Starman, their local superhero, a man with the power of flight and the ability to direct cosmic energy, using the awesome power of the Gravity Rod. But Ted Knight, the current Starman, is getting far too old for his job; and his eldest son David has been killed after a mere few days in the Starman costume. Now, Jack Knight, Ted's 'collectible'-dealing younger son, must take over the role of Starman, in order to fight both the Mist, his father's deadly enemy, and his children! What Jack doesn't know is that he can expect help from some very unexpected quarters...but what he does know is that superheroics can be dangerous. But first things first. The costume's gotta go... Issues 0, 1-5

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