Starman (1996-2005) #6

Starman (1996-2005) #6

To reach the stars

Lo tengo

Starman (1996-2005)

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In this sixth Starman collection, Jack Knight, reluctant hero and wielder of the Cosmic Rod, finds himself face to face with - and in opposition to - Captain Marvel, wielder of the mighty power of Shazam! Jack learns a lot more about his father's adventures in World War II, and deals with the long-forgotten consequences, as he and 'The Big Red Cheese' are drawn into a Nazi plot framing one of Jack's father's contemporaries - Bulletman! Also in this collection, Jack's relationship with Sadie deepens, and secrets they have kept from one another are exposed as the Starman legacy beckons Jack to his destiny...a journey to the stars! Starman Annual 2, Starman 39-41, 43-45 and The Power of Shazam 35 & 36.

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