Catwoman Vol. 5 (2018-...) #3

Catwoman Vol. 5 (2018-...) #3

Friend or Foe?

Lo tengo

Catwoman Vol. 5 (2018-...)

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The Year of the Cat

Selina Kyle came to Villa Hermosa to get away from the chaos of Gotham City. But chaos has a way of catching up, even to Catwoman.

Lex Luthor is prepared to give Selina a gift that could change her life forever--as long as she leaves the path of righteousness behind and bares her villainous claws once more! If Selina accepts, Lex's gift could give her the advantage over her top criminal rival in Villa Hermosa, the diabolical Raina Creel.

With an offer that tempting, how could Catwoman resist sliding back into her old ways to once again be a cat whose path you never want to cross?

Eisner Award-nominated writer/artist Joëlle Jones (Lady Killer) weaves together every plot thread she's created since the start of Selina's saga, joined by Fernando Blanco (Batwoman) and Laura Allred (iZombie). Collects Catwoman #16-21.

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