Superboy Vol. 4 #63

Superboy Vol. 4 #63

Hyper-Tension: Part 4 - Infinite Worlds -- Infinite Doomsdays!

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Superboy Vol. 4

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Continued from 62... The multiple Doomsdays get resealed in their chambers by Black Zero: they break out often. Black Zero insists he's not a villain. He only wants to protect the genetix (clones) on every world. Perhaps Director Westfield, one of MANY, can convince Superboy. Knockout crashes the party with the Challengers of the Unknown! During a big battle, Knockout learns THIS Superboy is not HER Superboy. Westfield scorched that Superboy as he grabbed the hyper-jacket to teleport and warn other worlds. (That alt-Superboy died in issue 60, launching this adventure.) Knockout pitches Westfield atop the seething Hyperium. Westfield disintegrates - as do ALL the Westfields. Metron explains "the ultimate death". The slightest misstep in Hyperspace can erase every duplicate forever! Black Zero grabs Knockout to test - but the heroes surrender. They're locked in the Doomsday Chamber. The Challengers - Ace Morgan, Red Ryan, Prof Haley, June Robbins - tell their story. They walked into an unknown field and wound up in Black Zero's world. Learning of Hypertime, Black Zero he set out to conquer other worlds. Metron built a Hyperium Reactor. The Challengers harried Black Zero in guerrilla warfare. Superboy notes his world's Challengers disappeared the same way: they're the originals! Superboy uses TK to wrench open the door - as the Doomsdays break free. Knockout shoos the heroes out and seals the door. Without her own Superboy, she'll battle to the death. It's up to Superboy and the Challengers to stop Black Zero. Continued...

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