Justice League of America (2013-2014) #7

Justice League of America (2013-2014) #7

"Trinity War Chapter Four"

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Justice League of America (2013-2014)

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Lex Luthor's lawyers are pleased to announce that they may be able to get him out of prison, and put him back in charge of Lexcorp, but Lex is far more concerned with the headline on his newspaper - Superman has been accused of manslaughter. And, despite his feelings about the alien, he knows Superman was set up for a fall. While he is jealous, he is also curious. Why did whomever did this do it?

He is surprised, suddenly, by a visit from Pandora, who explains that she is on a mission to save the world from the evil she unleashed on it - and in order to do that, she needs someone dark of heart to open her box, and she thinks Lex may be that man.

Meanwhile, in the morgue at A.R.G.U.S., Plastique infiltrates the room where Dr. Light's body is being kept, using Superman's escape as a distraction. At her employer's command, she places a device on the body, and escapes unnoticed.

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