Starman (1996-2005) #7

Starman (1996-2005) #7

A starry knight

Lo tengo

Starman (1996-2005)

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Jack Knight, Starman - accompanied by his comrade Mikaal and a Mother Box-produced hologram of his father, Ted Knight - begins a star-spanning quest with a near-impossible goal: to find the brother of his lady love, Sadie. But an encounter with a mysterious Dark Colossus sends our reluctant hero spiralling through time and space - to share adventures with the Legion of Super-Heroes, to visit the long-dead planet Krypton where he meets Superman's father, and to the planet Rann where he battles alien invaders alongside the legendary Adam Strange. With the lives of his friends on the line, Jack faces impossible odds on a journey which he hopes will finally lead him back to Earth - and back to the arms of his beloved... Issues 47-53

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