The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 (1999-2014) #600

The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 (1999-2014) #600

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The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 (1999-2014)

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Dr. Octopus learns from a medical doctor that his condition is terminal and decides to go out with a bang; He transforms himself by plugging his brain into computers everywhere and deploys hundreds of little octopus bugs; As Spidey prepares for the upcoming wedding of Aunt May and Jameson Sr., he is astonished as the city of New York literally begins to attack him; Doc Ock appears on screens all over the city and proclaims his plans for making first New York and then the world a veritable utopia where all technology works properly thanks to his intervention; The Avengers and Fantastic Four get involved in trying to rectify the situation; Spidey and the Human Torch track Ock down and rescue Jay Sr., Carlie and Norah who have been captured; Spider-Man battles this new incarnation of Dr. Octopus but the villain gets away; Aunt May and J. Jonah Jameson Sr. are married with Peter as the best man and JJJ Jr. performing the ceremony; Pete immediately hits his new brother-in-law up for a loan; Aunt May throws the bouquet and it is caught by a late and surprise arrival, Mary Jane Watson.

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