Strange Adventures Vol. 4 (2020-2021) #3

Strange Adventures Vol. 4 (2020-2021) #3

Good Guys and Bad Guys

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Strange Adventures Vol. 4 (2020-2021)

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Can Adam Strange handle the truth? After the cosmic adventurer was accused of murder and had his whole record as a soldier questioned, he turned to Batman for help clearing his name. But someone else was needed to ensure that the investigation would be truly impartial. Enter Mr. Terrific, the man for whom “Fair Play” is a credo to live by.

Be careful what you wish for, Adam Strange, because your life is about to be turned upside down. This could be one of the greatest tests you’ve ever faced. Like when you had to prove yourselves in Rann’s gladiatorial arena.

This adventure between two worlds continues, with Mitch Gerads drawing the gritty Earth sequences and Doc Shaner showing us the splendor of Adam Strange’s battles in outer space!

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